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Understanding EPA Licenses

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Some human activities can cause harm to the environment, especially when done in large scale. The environment is the main source of materials or resources that help people live comfortably and healthy. This means that you get food, shelter, clean air to breathe and clothing from the environment. If harm was to come to it, the environment would not be able to provide the resources you need to live healthily. At times, people either ignore or don't know what their actions cause, and that is why the EPA exists.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) is an institution that is governed by the Environmental Protection Act of 1986. This Act facilitates the protection of the environment by preventing and controlling pollution and environmental harm.

What Is an EPA License?

Various businesses or other human activities have the potential of causing harm to the environment.  They include construction, waste disposal, logging, installation of equipment, manufacture of machinery or equipment, factory processes and much more. Before undertaking such activities or operations, you are required to get a license from the EPA.

Getting this license means that an environmental impact assessment has to be carried out before your project or business begins. An environmental impact assessment (EIA) looks at whether the project or business has any potential to cause environmental harm. If it does, how are you dealing with the risk? If you do not have measures in place to handle the risk, you may not be issued the license.

How Do You Apply for an EPA License?

Visit the Environmental Protection Authority website of your particular state. You will find a guide on how to apply for the EPA license. You might be required to download a form, read a guide on how to fill it correctly, fill it and then send it to a particular email. Some additional attachments may be needed as well. After you send the form, you can wait for feedback or further instructions.

Important Things That You Should Know

After you are issued with the license, you may be required to provide an annual report of how you have complied with the license, pay some annual fees and publish your pollution monitoring data.

You can access various resources that help you see those activities or projects that have been licensed by EPA, notices and civil and conviction proceedings. You can find them on your state's EPA website. Use these resources to help you know how to effectively comply with EPA licenses and what happens to people who fail to comply with EPA licenses. Don't forget to always ask questions if anything is not clear.

Learn more about EPA licenses today if you're interested.