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Why Use a Migration Agent When Moving to Australia?

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If you're emigrating to any country, you need to ensure you understand the paperwork involved in getting a visa, especially for any special circumstances or long-term stay. A migration agent can help you with the paperwork needed for that visa and to ensure you're in the country legally at all times. Note a few reasons why it's good to use a migration agent when moving to Australia or wanting to stay for any extended period of time.

1. Types of visas

The country of Australia has over 140 visa options, and this includes their subclasses. For example, if you're in a partnership with someone who has moved to Australia, you may want a partner or de facto visa. There are many types available, including subclasses according to whether or not you're in Australia when you apply, whether or not you plan on marrying and if that marriage will take place in Australia. Rather than risk having your application denied and delayed simply because you chose the wrong type of visa and subclass, you might work with a migration agent who can sort out all the details of your situation and determine the best type and subclass for you.

2. Fees

When applying for a visa, of course there are fees that go along with it. You need to ensure you have the correct fee attached with your application, as submitting an incorrect fee can mean your entire application is denied and delayed. The immigration agency may not simply tell you that they need a new check from you for your application, but even a small error like this can mean your application is denied and you need to start all over again. To avoid this risk, work with a migration agent so you know the right visa application and the right fee to go along with it.

3. Appeals

If your application is denied, do you know what to do after that point? A migration agent can actually file an appeal on your behalf and can also represent you or guide you through the appeals process. This can mean a more likely favorable scenario than if you simply tried to file your application again, and it might mean a shorter process overall. Rather than assuming you're just "out of luck" if your visa application is denied, it's good to have a migration agent with you from the start so they can advise on all your options at that point.