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Why You Should Have a Pre-Built House Inspected Prior to Buying It

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For those looking forward to finally owning a dream home, buying a preexisting home is definitely a big purchase. Unfortunately, many home buyers often fail to pay enough attention to the importance of having a pre-purchase building inspection carried out because they have little or no comprehension of the benefits that can be derived. Some think that it is a waste of their hard-earned money while others opt to disregard it just because it is not mandatory requirement.

Here are some vital benefits that pre-purchase building inspections can offer potential home owners.

Peace of mind

One of the things that people buying pre-existing homes want to be assured of is that they are not landing a bad deal. When you employ the help of a building inspector prior to purchasing a pre-built home, they will look into everything ranging from the structure's interiors and exteriors to its foundation areas, including floors, ceilings, walls, basement sections, etc.

By the time the inspector presents a report detailing their findings, rest assured that you will be aware of all key structural problems associated with the property. Thus, you won't have to be worried about the possibility of buying a house with serious problems that you are oblivious of.  

Due diligence

Aside from helping you identify existing structural issues, building inspectors can also make recommendations on what other precautionary measures you can take to further ascertain the condition of a house before deciding on whether or not you should proceed to buy it.

For example, if the house you want to buy has faulty plumbing, electrical wiring or shows signs of insect intrusion, a building inspector can recommend that more assessments be carried out by expert plumbers, electricians, pest inspectors, and so forth.

Increased negotiating power

By disclosing current problems associated with a pre-built house, a building inspection report will tell you what repairs need to be done in order to make the property safe to live in. Of course, factoring in repair cost estimates can go a long way in boosting your negotiating power as a home buyer.

You can use the repair cost approximations included in the building inspector's report to get yourself a great discount price. The report communicates information about the true structural condition of the house you intend to buy, and therefore allows you to negotiate from a position of advantage. For more information, talk to a professional like Jeffrey Hills and Associates.